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"In today's society, mental clarity is so important. Joe's breath technique will help your body get the peace it needs. Let Joe be your breath of fresh air."

"My test to see how well a person knows something is to see how good they are at explaining it in the simplest of terms. Whenever I have discussions with Joe about Yoga or ancient scriptures from different cultures that is exactly what I get. He is brilliant At explaining complicated concepts and making sense of them in the modern world. His knowledge is based on years of research, travel and application of the principles in his own life. You rarely get that at your local commercialized yoga studio."

Sonal Chowdhry, Social Worker & Doctoral Student of Clinical Psychology.

"I’ve been meditating about 40 minutes each morning for the past 8 to 9 years, changing my routine, based on what I need at the time. I recently started working with Joe, and his approach to meditation and breathwork has given me a simple but very effective primer to get things started with better focus so I can get more out of each session. Very much looking forward to learning more and going deeper with his technique. I also really appreciate his light energy and fun personality."

Mileen, Health Media Producer

“I was fortunate on a couple of occasions to experience ‘Breathwork’ with Joe Dolezal. His energy and exuberance is infectious and he is a knowledgeable and experienced practitioner. His clear instructions make learning the practice easy and also fun. Most of all, it is apparent that this practice has benefited him greatly. His health, vitality and well-being is a testimony to it's effectiveness, and Joe's ability to inspire will greatly assist others to learn and practice this style of Breathwork.”

“I was following Joe via social media for sometime and one day decided to attend one of his breath workshops. What a great decision. Joe’s teaching style and approach to presenting breath work is very accessible to all. I’ve studied breathing techniques with many teachers and his approach is very effective for new and advance practitioners. Joe’s study of the ancient texts, astrology and Kundalini yoga traditions make him a unique guide. I can recommend Joe to anybody because Joe can speak to the intellectual and practical side of things.

“For so long like many, I felt as if I was I was stuck on the same song and no matter how much I wanted to change it kept playing. I had these visions of who I wanted to be. There was this life I could feel just beyond the door, yet no matter how hard I tried I couldn't move to pass the threshold. Each failed attempt brought me to a deeper level of exhaustion and depression. Meeting Joe by sheer accident proved to be a life-changing moment for me. After my first breathwork session, the "block" was gone. The person I was before I could no longer be. I will forever be grateful for this wonderful man who so graciously shared his knowledge, time and compassion to help me heal and grow. Looking forward to continuing the journey, Thank You.”

Amber Riley

“You can always tell a person's heart by their ambitions, their drives, and the truth they speak from the fire burning within. When a person has aligned all of these attributes to the embodiment of their life and their active role in it, as well as for the greater good of all, they are truly walking with beauty and purpose. The devotion and Spirit of Joe are exemplified in his efforts and in the knowledge of his teachings that you will uncover yourself in this hidden paradise. The truth about a person is always found in their eyes and their heart. His heart bleeds life into this place to give it great meaning and his eyes manifest the vision of his hopes into a wonderful reality. May your journey be as long and fruitful as you deserve my friend. With Love Always.”

Akela Reinhart

“My experience with joe was amazing. He was professional and passionate with great insight. He productively yet delicately guided me to a deep intense state of bliss and I am forever grateful. Thank you Joe can’t wait for another session.”

Jacquelyn Garcia, Life Coach

“I came to Joe to learn Breathwork with one simple hope in mind; abate my ADHD. Not only do I have a newfound sense of clarity and focus, but as my awareness expands my creativity flourishes. These tools & techniques have transformed my ability to create and live a life in full alignment with a focused sense of purpose. Joe has become my mentor and friend.

Mary Jaroz, IT Manager

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